There are some things that are real but can’t be perceived. In Islam seeing is not believing, you can’t see your brain yet you believe you have one, life in the grave is real yet we can see nothing when we uncover a grave. As a Muslim the world of the unseen can’t be seen but we believe in its existence.

👉As a Muslim if you don’t believe witches and jinn exist then it becomes difficult to set yourself free from them when afflicted.

👉95% of sorcery, witchcraft uses jinn craft. A jinn is a creation of Allah (S.W.T) with the same responsibilities and institutions as humans. Jinn live longer than humans, they are created by Allah (S.W.T) from the flame of fire. The ugliest human being (male) is more handsome than the most beautiful female jinn. They are abstract in nature (invisible)

👉Amongst us are Muslims, amongst us are non Muslims and whoever have become a Muslim have sought out the right course (Quran 72:14).

👉I have not created humans and jinns except to worship me (Quran 51:56).

Sub-Topic of discussion

-Demonic possession
-Demonic affliction


it is a crime for jinn to live in any human body likewise it is a crime for humans to use jinn for any purpose.

Places in which jinn possess human

  1. Toilet and bathroom- that’s the reason why prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) asked us to seek protection from jinn before entering the toilet and bathroom. This as to be recited loud such that a jinn in the toilet will hear you and vacate the toilet before your entrance. Jinns do not understand what you have in mind until you say it out.
  2. When climbing a mountain or entering a cave – you say bismillah, this frightens the jinn and they give way for you.

  3. Other places include where there are heap of garbage, market place e.t.c

A jinn possess the body

😠When you are walking and you mistakenly collide with a jinn, for a jinn to possess you in this manner, the jinn must have admires you. Lifestyle is one of the reason why a jinn posses and also remains in the body of human.

What is this lifestyle we are talking about?

👉Some mothers conceive through shirk – that is after a long time of not conceiving they result into visiting different places to seek for solution, a child conceived in this manner will have challenges as the devil does not give anything except that he collects more in return.

👉Lots of mark inscribed on a child body in the name of protection and all sorts of tends to backfire at long run when no one will even remember the child was once given that mark.

😔When a jinn is commissioned to enter your body. People send jinns to possess people.

Why does jinns admire human being?

  • because they are ugly
  • nudity- leaving oneself naked and believing no one is around is disastrous, the jinns will be watching and admiring you but you can’t see them.

    Jinns are so dangerous that when they possess some lady they hardly find a spouse, when a person eventually shows up, there is always lost of interest or ill fate befalls the person, if she escapes the stage the jinn moves to stopping her from conceiving, if she escapes this and conceive, she begins to have miscarriage.


Demonic affliction differs from demonic possession in the sense that in this case the jinn does not live in the person. No matter the ruqya done no jinn gets to speak up because they don’t live in the body of their victim.


Women are usually the victims of attacks.
Spiritual attack is undoubtedly real.
Witchcraft is widely practised such that if not for Allah protection the world would have turned upside down.

👉 A Jew took the hair of prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) and placed it under a rock in a well called zarwan (black magic), despite the piousness of the prophet ( S.A.W), the black magic still had effect on him, this is to say there is no person who can’t suffer the plight of black magic.

What does spiritualist use for attack?

  • They use things found on your body like hair, nails and that is why in the sunnah we are asked to bury our hair and nails rather than disposing them carelessly.
  • They mold an image, whatever they do to the image affects their subject

  • They invoke your name or your mothers name. When ever a ruqya is performed by an opposite sex, they use a handkerchief such that there is no body contact of any sort and your name is always used not your mothers name, anything contrary to this you should back off.

  • It is advised we do our dua before sleeping, when we sleep and an errand jinn is sent to us by an evil person, it does not have any effect on us. Every human has a qareen, a jinn never attacks a person without the permission of his qareen, if you are the type that doesn’t listen to your qareen when they try to draw you back in your ibadah, your qareen tells the errand jinn you are tough and can’t be overpowered.

    There are witches but they also use jinncraft. The Quran says those things will never afflict a Muslim except those who commit shirk.

    🙇‍♀ We are advised to use prophetic herbs rather than taking unnecessary concoction.

    Things we should do to keep us safe
    👉Tawheed – Attributing one ness to Allah, nobody can harm or favour you except with the permission of Allah.

    👉You must live your life as thought by prophet Mohammed (S.A.W).

    👉When you want to sleep, sleep in ablution state. Ablute purposely for the sake of your sleep, spat into your palm thrice, recite Ayatul kursiyu, suratul Nas, Falaq and ikhlas and rob your palm all over your body.




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