Islam, Marital Life

Episode 5: The Nemesis

As I said days passes by, while month ran after it like Breathing Kong… I gat no chances to visit my hubby bcoz where would I tell my friend am going?? And how would Dad and mum felt if I did such thing with there absent??

Now it remains a week my love is gonna return back from service.. I’m happy am gonna see my husband,

That Cute face I’ve missed, after 1year service .. At the same time I was feeling sad bcoz this time looks like convention time, what am I gonna do?? Hmmmn that night I slept thinking deeply about the close arriver of my boo,

The following day my roommate Moryam shouted Ruqoyah!!!!!!!!! I staggered, wot happened? Why shouting on me like that? She said what’s wrong with yu I’ve been calling yu like 7 times and yu jhus sat here looking like an agama lizard whats up? Nothing I answered in a Quarrel manner Ruqoyah why didn’t yu touched the food I prepared?? Yu did the same thing yesternight, wait I’ve been discovering negatives about yu since last week, like sitting down alone, yu do without bathing for like 4 to 5days infact at times yu forget going to Lecture room, I would be the one explaining what we learnt in class for u. In hardly remember yu avnt brush at times Ruqoyah what is it disturbing yu?? tell me am ur only friend nothing should be hide from me…

I walked out of her and hiss away.

She came to me and said Ruqoyah we’ve been together since 7years ago, should there be anything disturbing yu that yu can’t tell me?? I burst out in tears and said out..

I love him and I don’t wanna loose him,

Who?? She asked, its Mika’eel, hahaa I tought as much so what’s the issue now, I explain how everything as been going since a year ago to my friend and she felt sorry for me, she said don’t worry immediately he’s back we would go together and knelt for him, after all yuv also been helping him and her junior sister since a year ago, so he would use that to consider yu now,

Òtíto my friend come and go and eat,

Now it remains 2days for my Boo to come back,


The following day

Around 12:37pm in the next day I met my self on a Bed in the hospital, I saw my dad and mum besides me,

Mum shouted Nurse! Nurse!! She as open her eyes. I was like sitting that what’s up? Moryam said from an angle don’t stand up, Dr said yu need a lot of rest!!!

Haha wot happened now? Before I could saw the drip on my hand the nurse rushed in and said thank God she as respond to treatment… She said mummy God as received ur prayer all I need from yu now and dad is to let her be alone so that she can rest well.

All this was as if am in an Auditing acting movie, come on don’t put me in darkness what happened, dad shouted at me and said shut up!! Your friend called us on phone this morning to join yu here that yu collapse yesternight, because yu think too much and yu didn’t eat well and yu hardly sleep, honey don’t talk like that the nurse said she need to rest this isn’t the right time to quarry her,my mum calm my dad down..

Everybody left me and I said in a loud voice where is my phone!!..?? Would yu shut up?? Dad answered , Moryam gave me a signal to be calm behind Dad, they all left and i was thinking what is gonna happened todays date is 31st of July and Copper Mika’eel is returning tomorrow, what am I gonna do?? Haaaaaa am dead,

While the Doctor was treating me I pleaded please sir can yu let me ur phone to call someone, he said to me ur dad as instruct us not to permit yu to use ur phone nor any bodies phone, who duyu wanna call, I said jhus please borrow me I won’t stay long I beg!!..

He said am sorry ma’am I can’t give yu for a sec. 

Few mins after the Dr as left, moryam came in where is Dad and mum I asked?? They jhus went back home dear, please yu need to rest a lot ur condition is critical, please where is my phone? Ur dad as collected it from me this morning, haaaaa!! What’s all this? Common borrow me ur phone I wanna call Mika’eel, she gave it to me and said don’t let anybody know o, 

I called his number and it was switched off,

I called it throughout that day every chance I’m alone till the arrival day,

Mika’eel number was not through.. I was in a deep taught and moryam was telling me to calm down that’s he’s gonna be fine, yu avnt rest since yestermawin , moryam why aryu talking like this? How will I be fine while I can’t here from my husband, I don’t know his condition now,

I keep trying his number at last His number rings and he picked it, Hello who’s on the line? Before I could answer the phone shut down..

Hmmmmn…. What next??




To be continue ……


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