Islam, Marital Life

Episode 8: The Nemesis

The last Episode
The man was Mika’eel, I fainted, i woke up back in the next 5mins after alot of water on my face I realise my head was carried on Mika’eels Leg, I stand up and said what’s going on moryam laughed and everybody there laughed at me as well, moryam said: my friend the day yu sacrifices ur love bcoz of me and endure pain because me, that gave me huge lesson that if yu can do that for me it shows yu love me than anything worthy in this life, so i mustn’t use such behavior to pay yu back afterall yu were the reason why I’m in school and everything o became now, since I lost my mum and dad in ss3. Yu were the one that gave me hope and brought me to ur family and turn ur mother to mine and ur father to mine, yu also gave me freedoms as if my daddy owns the house,so the following day I went to Mika’eel and explain ur story for him and stands for yu in his premises and begged him to forgive yu. Mika’eel interrupt yeah that’s it Ruqoyah.. I couldn’t believe it when she said it all I was carried away and the love increase in me again, I love yu Mika’eel Open his harms and Ruqoyah cover the space and everybody shouted Allahu’Akbar, no need for introduction again! This story as given us the the intro it self abí? So iyawo i want yu and ur mama to sit well now and give us a date for ur nikkah, My dad said that,

Hmmmn with happyness on my face I went to my mum and in the next 2mins my mum whispers into my dads ear… While I went back to sit besides Mika’eel.. 

Dad announce that out nikkah would be come up A week after my service, everybody shouted Allahu’Akbar… I collected my “Sadahki”… Next, 

I was looking at Moryam and I don’t know when tears start rolling from my eye’s… She said in a high voice I av a surprise for this sit, 

Everybody pay attention and she said Abdol Kabeer come inside, abdol kabeer walked in from a room nearby and she said Daddy mummy this is my Astonishing man, my life, my adorable and my husband in jannah.. Evey body shouted again Allahu’Akbar… My dad said with happiness, I think we should handle ur own intro very soon as well she said insha’allah next, I don’t know when I stand up and hug my friend Moryam… With tears in my eye’s she kept using her hand to rob my back and said it’s okay my friend… I can’t love yu less

The End


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