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School Has Brain washed Us So Much (Series 2)

Business Orientation
Date: 4th November, 2017
Author: Abu Mahboob (Ahmad Ibn Mustapha)
Title: School has brainwashed us too much (series 2)

We shall discuss how a course titled Entrepreneurship is a failure on arrival

Someone once told me that he met a guy during one job interview he attended. The guy has a prestigious B. Sc in Business Administration, and even move further to get M.Sc in the same field. 

My questions are:
1. With all these certificates, do you think this person still need a job (as an employee)?
2. What is the essence of these certificates, if this kind of man still looking for job? 

The answers are very simple. All these courses that supposed to be practical Oriented program have been limited to classroom. They were never taught how to Start a business, how to manage it and how to make huge money from that business. They were only brainwashed on how to get good certificate(s) and start roaming streets searching for invisible white collar jobs.
Back to our topic, 
If school (whether University or Polytechnics) cannot train our youths for good four years to fully become a successful business owner rather than looking for white collar jobs, tell me, How they can train our youths to be an entrepreneurs, in just two or less semester?

This is exactly whyf I said Entrepreneurship course is a failure on arrival

In Conclusion
Am not discouraging us to stop learning this/these courses, but to be a successful business person or an entrepreneur you need to meet people who are practically Business Oriented. People that have failed and succeed in that business you are dreaming of Starting. 

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