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​Divorce: A Sad Reality

Written by Naadira Chhpa  Marriages are breaking, families are being destroyed, children have become the tug of war rope as their parents use them as weapons to 'destroy' their ex spouse. Not so long ago divorce was rare and frowned upon. Not so long ago the elders of the family were consulted in times of… Continue reading ​Divorce: A Sad Reality

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Episode 5: The Nemesis

As I said days passes by, while month ran after it like Breathing Kong... I gat no chances to visit my hubby bcoz where would I tell my friend am going?? And how would Dad and mum felt if I did such thing with there absent?? Now it remains a week my love is gonna… Continue reading Episode 5: The Nemesis

Islam, Marital Life

Episode 1: The Nemesis

Ruqoyah bnt Mahmud was my name I'm a student of Lagos state university (LASU),300L. I was coming from the Library while this person hit me hardly that I staggered, with a loud voice!! Without knowing whom it was, aryu blind? Can't yu see?  OMG! He was a tall and handsome Brother with soft face,  ,.....… Continue reading Episode 1: The Nemesis